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Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthosis are special shoe inserts taken from a three-dimensional mold of the patient's foot. It is utilized to address mechanical pathologies of the foot that will often times lead to ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Custom orthotics can address problems such as flatfeet, heel pain, metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of the foot), chronic ankle pain, ankle sprains and ankle instability.

There are many ways to make custom foot orthosis. At Foot & Ankle Partners of El Paso, we utilize the plaster slipper cast which is the gold standard of casting methods. It is the optimum method of capturing the foot in neutral position.

Custom orthotics can be made to accommodate tennis shoes as well as some male/female dress shoes. We even have specialized custom orthotics for our youngsters.

You may be a good candidate for foot orthosis. Our physicians can provide you with a personalized consultation.