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Post-op Instructions

  1. Rest, ice and elevate the operative foot/ankle for 15-20 minutes every two hours.
  2. Keep your post- operative dressing intact. Do not remove it. It is important to keep the dressing clean and dry. Your physician may provide you with additional instructions.
  3. Take your pain medication as prescribed by your surgeon and only if needed.
  4. If your surgeon prescribed a fracture boot for you, it is important to wear the boot at all times when walking and standing.
  5. If your surgeon ordered crutches or a walker for you, it is important to use it as instructed.
  6. If your surgeon instructed you to not place full weight on your operative foot, it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions.
  7. You may see some bloody drainage through your dressing or cast. This is normal 24 hours after your surgery. Elevate your surgical foot/ankle and place an ice pack over the dressing (keep dressing dry) If it does not stop, please notify your surgeon.
  • American Board of Podiatric Surgeons
  • American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
  • SurgCenter of West Texas
  • The Hospitals of Providence
  • Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso
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